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This 30 minute full body workout is designed to help you dance + tone + strengthen from anywhere (perfect for at home). Push yourself to hit every rep and remember to let go/have fun with it. :)



Get your heart rate up with this fun 30 minute workout! Dance cardio, followed by targeted exercises to tone your arms and legs. Let's do this!


Tone your legs and abs with this 30 minute mat series. Mat exercises target your inner thighs, outer thighs, and booty, including PLANKS to carve your waist sculpt your arms. Strap on 1lb or 2lb ankle weights for an added challenge!


This workout is perfect for a quick all over burn. We incorporate weighted sculpting arms, planks, and glute bridges to tone you from head to toe.


This 20 minute sequence targets your arms, abs, legs, and glutes to give you a full body workout. Grab a pair of 2lb, 3lb, or 5lb hand weights and get ready to sweat!


Lift your booty and sculpt long lean muscles with this lower body workout. We created this sequence to snatch you in all the right places! Repeat 2x, add ankle weights if you have them.


Full body workout you can do at home using just a chair! These moves will get you sweating FAST and feeling the burn.

TWLA x 12th Tribe live-stream​ 1 hour

1 hour streamed workout for 12th Tribe. This is our signature full body workout designed to make you sweat, tone, and feel sexy.  We start with dance cardio to warm up the body and raise your heart rate to the "fat burning zone," followed by hand weights and standing leg exercises to burn out your larger muscles groups and mat exercises targeting smaller accessory muscles to sculpt your legs, abs, and booty.


You asked for it, we delivered! ROUND 2 of our 20 minute Arms+Abs+Ass workout. Grab a mat and your 2lb, 3lb, or 5lb hand weights. Let's do this!


This 30 minute workout is designed to strengthen your arms and abs, and lengthen your legs. Grab your hand weights, a mat, and get ready to carve your shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs, as well as sculpt long lean legs.


Quick 20 minute workout you can do at home without any equipment. Standing lunges and squats to tone your leg, planks to shred your abs, and mat legs to lift your booty! You will be feeling the burn in no time.legs.


This ab set is KILLER!. 15 minutes turned into 20, and our abs have never been more sore (in the best possible way).