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Self Love Challenge

January 31st - February 13th

It's our first challenge of 2022! We're giving you 2 weeks of empowering workouts leading up to Valentine's Day to refill your cup and give you the love you deserve.

14 days of workouts + guided meditations

themed classes + special guest collabs


 Access to our ENTIRE library of on demand workouts, including Zoom classes, challenges, NEW Foundation Series workouts for those new to TWLA or needing modifications, and fresh Member Exclusive content filmed weekly that is not available to rent
+ UNLIMITED booking for all Zoom classes



As celebrity trainers and professional dancers, we understand the stress and anxiety that is often associated with working out.

We dreamt of a workout that would make everyone feel included, sexy, strong and empowered. We wanted to replace that negativity with fun, laughter and hair flips.

With over 10 years in the competitive LA fitness industry, we are proud to give you a workout designed to challenge your strength and endurance while celebrating the badass that you are!